Ergonomic Aids

Ergonomic Aids can mean many things to different people in this section we have copy holders which are very useful for computer users who have paper work which they need to refer to. The copy holder sits between the keyboard of their computer and the screen this negates the need for them to be twisting their heads to the side to read a document and simply moving their gaze up and down reducing head movement and fatigue.

We have also provided the option of foot rests for users who cannot get the adjustment quite right between the seat height, desk height and their feet flat on the floor when using their computer.

Adjustable Footrest

£25.00 (£30.00 inc VAT)
Product Code: 96513 More info

Ergonomic copy holder

£40.00 (£48.00 inc VAT)
Product Code: 49400 More info

copy holder with line guide

£40.00 (£48.00 inc VAT)
Product Code: 97402 More info

Copy Holder (A3)

£45.00 (£54.00 inc VAT)
Product Code: 44410 More info

Copy holder In Line (A3) Height Adjustable 44.410

£45.00 (£54.00 inc VAT)
Product Code: 49410 More info

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