Height Adjustable Furniture

Height adjustable workstations are becoming something which most companies are keen to have. Forward thinking employers understand that one size (in this case height)doesn’t suit all.

Being able to sit or stand with your workstation adjusted to the corect level, reduces the chances of upper skeletal disorders, stress , RSI and other physchological problems.

It has been suggested that standing 3 hours at your workstation during the course of a working day for the whole year is equivalent to running 10 Marathons!

Whether that is the case or not it is a well known fact a correctly positioned workstation will help to reduce staff taking time off work, help them feel more energised and in turn more productive.

Height adjustable solutions can come in a number of options, firstly you can have a product that sits on top of your existing worksurface and can be adjsusted up and down via spring controlled top. Secondly you can have a desk which can be adjusted to a specific users prefered operating height and set at the height and left. The third option is to have a desk that you can manually wind up to the desired standing height and wind down to th desired sitting height.The last option is to have an electric height adjustable workstation that you can simply adjsut for height by pressing a button.

Hopefully within the offering we provide you will find the solution which best meets your needs, if not give us a call and we will be more than happy to help.

Height adjustable desk

£375.00 (£450.00 inc VAT)
Product Code: HAT120 More info

Move set and forget height adjustable desk

£409.00 (£490.80 inc VAT)
Product Code: 1600 x 800 Set and Forget height adjusting desk More info

Lavoro Height Adjustable Desk

£565.00 (£678.00 inc VAT)

Move height adjustable desk

£729.00 (£874.80 inc VAT)
Product Code: Move 1600 x 800 rectangular desk More info

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