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Electric height adjustable desk

Height adjsuatble desk from Lavoro, avaialble in 24 hours in a range of finishes in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Working from home has become more of the norm in recent times. However working from home doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice sitting correctly and ensuring you have a good ergonomic set up that provides good posture. We have selected a range of products which will help to deliver an excellent home working environment, providing a good typing position, good posture and an effective layout from which to work. The ability to adjust the height of your desk should not be neglected and we have also catered for those who wish to stand during the course of their working day.

A range of good quality products which are easy to install, easy to use and have a good warranty are available at the click of a button. If you need help deciding on what will best meet your needs give us a call to discuss and we will be more than happy to help.

MBS home office furniture solution

£455.00 (£546.00 inc VAT)
Product Code: HOB1DNA126 More info

MBS Home Office Package Number 2.

£615.00 (£738.00 inc VAT)
Product Code: HOB2Alto1 More info

MBS home office bundle number 3

£819.00 (£982.80 inc VAT)
Product Code: HOB3Alt2 More info

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