Panda (2453684)

£153.00 (£183.60 inc VAT)


PANDA is available as standard with white frames and black end caps and sockets for the high contrast “Panda” look, white frames and end caps with grey sockets for the classic polarICE look, or last but not least striking all black.

PANDA can be ordered with a wide range of European and International power sockets from the OE modular range; including Nema 5-15 sockets for North America. In addition, a range of bracket options are available for quick installation on desk tops of varying thickness, tool and rails and furniture panels.

PANDA comprises an earthed aluminium extruded chassis with fire retardant moulded socket fascias, decorative frames and end caps.
OE anti-flex system of interlocking socket fascias guarantees unit integrity regardless of length.
An internal 2000V protective membrane gives additional insulation/protection and internal segregation is provided between Power and Data/AV components.

PANDA is supplied as standard with a pair of snap on moulded desk edge brackets with screw clamps for 5-35mm desk tops. Other fixing options include “slimline” clamp brackets for desk tops up to 26mm and “extended” for up to 55mm thick, plus tool/equipment rail brackets

Possible configurations: 2 x UK fused sockets, 1 UK fused socket and 1 TUF, 2 UK Fused sockets and 1 X TUF, 2 x UK Fused sockets and 2 x RJ45 outlets.



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