Move height adjustable desk (Move 1600 x 800 rectangular desk)

£729.00 (£874.80 inc VAT)



In an ever increasing health conscious work environment, we all operate within the confines of the real world. The Move! sit-stand range addresses the need for companies to promote a healthy, flexible and more productive workplace.

Our height adjustable desking enables workers to enjoy the health and posture benefits of being able to alter their working dynamics and thereby improve well being.

Move! workstations are offered with either square or rounded corners to the work surfaces, with matching end cladding where specified. Various cable management options are available to suit your requirements.

Move! is available as a back-to-back configuration or as a freestanding desk. The product can be specified with crank or electric lifting mechanisms, as well as a set-and-forget option. A variety of complementary storage units enable a clean and clutter free office space.

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